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Apps Like HotMail | Hotmail Alternatives

Hotmail Alternatives  – here are the best Hotmail alternatives available for all users. You can choose any of the Hotmail alternatives available as ther are no restrictions to use for any user. If you are using Hotmail email service as it is now known as Microsoft Outlook which the Microsoft as acquired Hotmail after the huge response to Hotmail email service. Microsoft initially changed its name to Windows Live and then later to Microsoft Outlook. If you are already a Hotmail then you can easily Sign In using the  Hotmail account and if you even try to visit the Hotmail page then you will be redirected to Microsoft Outlook. But, Microsoft Outlook also as some pros and cons so it is better to use Hotmail Alternatives wic covers all the cons of Hotmail email service.

Apps Like HotMail:

You can say te Microsoft Outlook is the best sometimes when compared to other because of its features which help us to access all the Microsoft services within in Hotmail homepage itself. You can also use Microsoft Office, Calendar, Noteone, OneDrive, Skype, and much more. But, Hotmail cares more than any other email service for using this platform for business purpose. So, you can start using the Hotmail Alternatives which fulfill the cons of Hotmail email service.

#1. Thunderbird

Many times you come to know that Thunderbird is the best Hotmail Alternative available right now. Thunderbird provides many features as add-ons, great migrations assistants, great reminders, many security features, address book, and much more. Thunderbird is cross-platform which works with user-friendly interface and realm the digital communication in a simple way.

#2. Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop is the desktop email client service which helps us to exchange the server easily and you can connect the Zimbra host of the other services which supports your database. You can easily connect to social networking sites from the Zimbra Desktop account itself and you can also connect to Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and many numbers of third-party sites. Zimbra Desktop is more powerful than when compared to other email services.

#3. Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a most configurable and fastest email client service available for all users. If you looking for an alternative to any email service ten Claws Mail would fulfill all the cons of the email service. Claws Mail gets you the best customer support service and you will definitely find the best solutions to your issues. Claws Mail as MH folder support, Mbox import/export, external editor, and NNTP Protocol. Claws Mail as easy to use interface.

#4. eM Client

eM Client is a fully optimized email service wic run on Windows platform. You can easily connect to POP and IMAP servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and import the clients from other websites. eM Client syncs Gmail to the calendar to your homepage and you can easily navigate to search for features. eM Client syncs all Gmail contacts to your profile.

So, these are the best Hotmail alternatives available and you can use all the features they provide. You can shift to any service at anytime you required.

Updated: November 7, 2017 — 12:31 pm

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