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How to Sign Up for a new Hotmail Account

As you know Hotmail is one of the oldest email services in the market. Microsoft acquired Hotmail and updated it with many features and released it as Many of us know about Hotmail and have Hotmail account for us. Now Hotmail and Outlook have same email service platform. If you wish to open Hotmail, you will be redirected to Outlook home page. You can use Hotmail login details to login into As Outlook is a new name but many of us call this service with Hotmail. Here this article tells you How to Sign Up for a new Hotmail Account.

Hotmail is an email service where you can use it for sending messages and to get notifications from various applications if you Sign in with Hotmail Account. You can use Hotmail Account to for all the Microsoft platforms and also Sign in different applications. Hotmail is directly connected to Microsoft cloud service called OneDrive as you can access it from Hotmail home page. You can also use Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Skype, Bing, Office, and Calendar in the Hotmail home page.

How to Sign Up for a new Hotmail Account:

  • Open the web browser and type as you can choose any of these and you will be redirected to the same home page. Click Enter.
  • You can see a small window as to Sign In into your account but as we need to Sign Up click on ‘Create One’ which is at the bottom of the window.
  • You will be redirected to a new page with heading ‘Create an Account’. Now you have to fill the required details to Sign Up.
  • These features are used to Sign In to Hotmail/ Outlook Account. Enter the details one by one as you need to choose your Hotmail Account Username with or
  • Use any one of the available Username, and you will be using this Username to access the same platform.
  • Then you have to set a Password to secure your account. The password should be minimum of 8 characters and case sensitive.
  • Now enter your details like Country, Birthdate, Gender, Country code and Mobile Number.
  • You need to enter your correct Mobile Number which helps you to Sign In if you forget your Password. If you forget your Password, then you can reset your password by entering a six digit code sent to your mobile number.
  • Now you can give an alternate email address to recover your Hotmail Account, or you can use this email to get a notification when you Sign In every time.
  • Enter the Captcha to verify the account and then check the box to accept the terms and conditions. Now Click on Create account.
  • Now a new window with your First Name will be displayed as Hotmail is welcoming you to its home page.
  • You can set the language and time zone for your account and then click on Let’s Go.
  • Finally, you have entered into your Hotmail Account, and now you can access it services.

Follow this steps to Sign Up for a new Hotmail Account. As you are new to Hotmail, it shows a small tutorial about How to use Hotmail Account and tells about its services. Access Hotmail to send messages and use this account to login into applications and get the notifications.

Hotmail Email Login | Hotmail Account login | Log in

Hotmail Email Login – hotmail Email Login Was so easy as eating apple. check the below guide and know detailed info on hotmail Email Login and hotmail login page. Hotmail was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia an ack Smith which was one of the first email services in the world. Many people started using the Hotmail service to send the emails to their clients, customers, employees, and to many other Hotmail users. As the technology has grown the followers of Hotmail has increased and then later Microsoft as acquired the Hotmail in 1997 and named as Windows Live Hotmail. Many people have started creating the Hotmail Account but do not know how to log in and then how to use all the Hotmail features. Follow the article to know much more about the log in process and the additional features of the Hotmail service. check out Hotmail Login Page Login and Hotmail Email Login from below. Login Login

Hotmail Email Login| Login| Hotmail Login Page:

Later, Microsoft has rebranded the Hotmail service as the Outlook in 2013 with lot more features in it to attract the customers. Hotmail is available in more than 36 languages as you can translate the homepage into your regional language. Good news is that all the Hotmail users can log in to Outlook using their Hotmail Account ID and even if you try to visit the log in you will be redirected to As it the best thing that Microsoft has done. All the Hotmail Users can access the Microsoft service within the Hotmail Homepage.

How to Login Hotmail Account Email| Hotmail Email Login:

As the Hotmail has changed to Outlook, visit the and even when you tried to visit you will be redirected to the As you visit the official website you can see a simple interface to enter the username and the password to access the Hotmail service.

  • As you visit the official website, you can a Microsoft Logo and then Sign In options to enter the Email, Phone or Skype ID.
  • Even Skype is a Microsoft product so that you can use Skype ID to access the Hotmail Service and vice versa like if you have a Hotmail ID you can use it for Skype Application.
  • As you enter your Email or Phone or Skype ID, click on Next and you can also see that if you do not have a Hotmail Account you can create by clicking on “Create One!”.
  • If you click on “Create One!” to create the Hotmail Account then create the Hotmail Account and follow the same steps from the first.
  • Now enter the Password of your specified account to login. If you forget your password then click on “Forgot Password” to reset your Hotmail Password and then remember the password you have put to log in the Hotmail service whenever required.
  • You can use this Hotmail ID for many other Microsoft services and also you many other Social media Platforms.
  • If you remember the password then enter the password in hotmail login page and then click Next to enter the Hotmail HomePage or.

So, know you are ready to use the Hotmail Service and then you can access all the Hotmail service easily within the Hotmail Page. Microsoft services like OneDrive, OneNote, Skype, Calendar, Contacts, and much more.

Special Features of Hotmail Email Login Page: login has some special features to all the users as you can access the Microsoft services by using the Hotmail ID. There are many Microsoft services available and features which attracts the users to access the Hotmail Application. If you are a Microsoft User then you need to have a Hotmail Account to use the services on your Microsoft Operating System. Here are some special features of Hotmail Application

  • login uses the latest version of Ajax Programming techniques and then supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
  • You can use the Keyboard keys to navigate the Hotmail Homepage and also you can use structured query syntax in the search box to search for files and messages.
  • Hotmail provides high security and privacy as you need not worry about the personal information and then personal conversations as they are high encrypted.
  • Provides the Active View to interact with the users directly and then you can track the real-time shipping status within the homepage itself.
  • Hotmail Provides the Calendar which will not make to look for another calendar to access. You can easily schedule your plans and you can put the task according to your requirement.
  • Hotmail Contact Management Service helps you to contact all the Hotmail Users easily and then you can also integrate with Facebook and Twitter users.
  • Office online integration is the best part of the Outlook service as you can use the Microsoft services like OneDrive, Word, Excel, BIng, Skype, Powerpoint, and much more.
  • Skype Integration the another best to use the Skype on the Outlook homepage easily.
  • Sweep, Quick Views, One-Click Filters, and Aliases are the other features of the Hotmail Email login Application.

You can access all the Microsoft services within the Hotmail homepage and remember the Username and Password to Login the Hotmail Application.

Apps Like HotMail | Hotmail Alternatives

Hotmail Alternatives  – here are the best Hotmail alternatives available for all users. You can choose any of the Hotmail alternatives available as ther are no restrictions to use for any user. If you are using Hotmail email service as it is now known as Microsoft Outlook which the Microsoft as acquired Hotmail after the huge response to Hotmail email service. Microsoft initially changed its name to Windows Live and then later to Microsoft Outlook. If you are already a Hotmail then you can easily Sign In using the  Hotmail account and if you even try to visit the Hotmail page then you will be redirected to Microsoft Outlook. But, Microsoft Outlook also as some pros and cons so it is better to use Hotmail Alternatives wic covers all the cons of Hotmail email service.

Apps Like HotMail:

You can say te Microsoft Outlook is the best sometimes when compared to other because of its features which help us to access all the Microsoft services within in Hotmail homepage itself. You can also use Microsoft Office, Calendar, Noteone, OneDrive, Skype, and much more. But, Hotmail cares more than any other email service for using this platform for business purpose. So, you can start using the Hotmail Alternatives which fulfill the cons of Hotmail email service.

#1. Thunderbird

Many times you come to know that Thunderbird is the best Hotmail Alternative available right now. Thunderbird provides many features as add-ons, great migrations assistants, great reminders, many security features, address book, and much more. Thunderbird is cross-platform which works with user-friendly interface and realm the digital communication in a simple way.

#2. Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop is the desktop email client service which helps us to exchange the server easily and you can connect the Zimbra host of the other services which supports your database. You can easily connect to social networking sites from the Zimbra Desktop account itself and you can also connect to Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and many numbers of third-party sites. Zimbra Desktop is more powerful than when compared to other email services.

#3. Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a most configurable and fastest email client service available for all users. If you looking for an alternative to any email service ten Claws Mail would fulfill all the cons of the email service. Claws Mail gets you the best customer support service and you will definitely find the best solutions to your issues. Claws Mail as MH folder support, Mbox import/export, external editor, and NNTP Protocol. Claws Mail as easy to use interface.

#4. eM Client

eM Client is a fully optimized email service wic run on Windows platform. You can easily connect to POP and IMAP servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and import the clients from other websites. eM Client syncs Gmail to the calendar to your homepage and you can easily navigate to search for features. eM Client syncs all Gmail contacts to your profile.

So, these are the best Hotmail alternatives available and you can use all the features they provide. You can shift to any service at anytime you required.

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